Our Clients  

Our clients are law firms that need assistance with the day-to-day operations of running their law office.  We help sole practitioners to mid-size law firms. Practicing law is fascinating, and we understand that delegating your business operations and administration can be the key to successfully increase client relationships and revenue. We know that a well-managed law firm is pivotal to creating a business model that supports short and long-term goals.   We offer support by managing or creating the resources needed for your business. Our commitment to your success is a priority, and we won't stop until you gain the competitive edge necessary to maintain a successful law practice and firm.  

We have also helped clients grow their law firms by conducting searches for lawyers and law office managers  Our CEO has taught some of the most talented law office administrators and service professionals found in law firms today.


Today's law firms need a competitive edge for sustainability.  What is yours?  


Economic growth market; How to determine what to do with your law firm and the changing legal market. Call us today to schedule a meeting.  


iManage Law Firms




Experience that you can trust. With 20 years in the legal industry managing regional offices of top law firms in the world, we are confident that the strategies that we can recommend based on a thorough analysis of your law firm can make a difference with your bottom line.

We can create a business plan detailing how we can assist with the day-to-day operations of your law firm so that you can focus on building stronger client relationships for greater profit share. Our firm is dedicated in providing excellence in problem solving and offering professional services to law firms. We have the hands-on experience combined with formal training in managing the complexities found in law firms today. We understand that a well run law firm is critical to growing your practice and brand.       

​​Our services provide lawyers and their law firms with the business and leadership knowledge they need to succeed in managing their law practice and firm.  We understand that in order to stay competitive in a fast-growing industry, you need to create a strong business plan for sustainability. 

We are committed to providing industry knowledge on how to manage your law firm.  Whether you just opened your law firm or have been practicing for years, we are here to help.  We can make the difference by providing you with a complete analysis showing how to improve best practices in every area of your practice.  We discuss strategies and business ideas that have proven to be successful with the large firm business models.  We understand first-hand the challenges, demands and pressures of managing a law firm.  Our experience in law firm management and industry knowledge can be the key to taking your firm to the next level.   

We offer support in the core areas necessary for managing a successful law practice and firm. We can assist with opening your first law firm or managing the one that you have.

  • Law Firm Management 
  • Human Recourses 
  • Talent Management 
  • Legal Recruiting
  • Law Office Administrator Search
  • Financial & Accounting 
  • Office Relocations & Space Planning
  • Attorney Retreats & Special Events